Mercedes Choufoer – Biography


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Mercedes Choufoer (born in 1953, Amsterdam) has been exposed to art since her early youth by her parents friends.Sketching and playing with colors was her greatest pleasure from childhood on.
In 1969 she met the Dutch painter Fred Klein, father of the world famous Yves Klein.
Via Klein in Paris, she was introduced into the world of international artists; painters and sculpters.
In 1989, Mercedes Choufoer started in Voorschoten (Holland) Gallery Mercedes with a frame shop.
Promoting the visiting artists, organizing the exhibitions every 5 weeks, next to the framing work, prevented her from doing much painting of her own. In 1995 she decided to let painting be her most important occupation.
Inspiration has never been an issue.Mercedes is fond of landscapes; the changing of colors and seasonal light. Her own sunny character doesn’t prevent her from being impressed and inspired by moonlight or snowy landscapes. Painting outside or in her atelier, abstract or figurative, everything can happen as long as the spirit is there!
Since 2005 she is living in the Lot ( France). Her spacious workshop annex gallery is also the place for painting- and glasfusing workshops. Since 2010 Mercedes started to fuse glass into colorfull objects, windows and small bijoux.

Besides paintings on canvas there are piezographic prints in limited editions for sale with or without frame. Works are in private collections in Australia, USA, Schotland, Switserland, Belgium, Holland and offcourse in France.
From April 2014 her work and her art collection is exhibited and for sale and for rent at the MONTOLZA ArtShop in Cazals ( 46250).
For visiting the gallery call Mercedes Choufoer at : +33 (0)5 65 31 48 94+ mobil 0750465407