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Mercedes Choufoer Art - Acrylics - Fused Glass - Workshops


Mercedes Choufoer (born in Amsterdam,1953) has been exposed to art since her early youth by her parents friends. Sketching and playing with colors was her greatest pleasure from childhood on.
In 1969 she met the Dutch painter Fred Klein, father of the world famous Yves Klein. Via Klein in Paris, she was introduced into the world of international artists; painters and sculptors. After having an art-gallery for 8 years, she finally decided to dedicate her life to her own development as a painter. Since 2006 she works and lives in the Midi Pyrenees in France.
Inspiration has never been an issue. Mercedes is fond of landscapes; the changing of colors and seasonal light. Painting outside or in her atelier, abstract or figurative, everything can happen as long as the spirit is there! Read more…



Photo of Mercedes Choufoer glass fusion dish on salon table

Fused Glass

Glass fusion is the treatment of colorful elements of glass, producing works of great durability and beauty.  Mercedes’ creations include exotic plates,windows, wall-lampshades, useful household items, and beautiful jewelry.  Read more…



Artist in Mercedes Choufoer Workshop painting landscape


Nothing could be better than spending time with Mercedes in a workshop for painting, glass-fusion or other forms of creation.  Classes are held either in Mercedes’ atelier workshop in The Lot Department in France, near Cazals, or in nearby countryside areas, where subjects are abunduntly available.    Read more…


Mercedes Choufoer and friend at Exposition in Cahors 2007


Mercedes’ expositions are shown throughout Europe during the last 6 years.  In additon to her home gallery a new permanent exposition shop – Montolza Artshop and artlease, is now open in Cazals.   Read more…